Current group members:

We also closely collaborate with Columbia scientists and engineers:

Past group members:


Dr. Mark Ross-Lonergan, 2017-2022, now Oppenheimer Fellow @ Los Alamos National Lab
Dr. Andrew Furmanski, 2015-2019 (U. of Manchester), now Assistant Professor @ U. of Minnesota

PhD students

Dr. Yeon-jae Jwa, 2022 PhD, now postdoc @ SLAC
Dr. Davio Cianci, 2021 PhD, now Science Consultant @ The Goldilocks Effect
Dr. Kathryn Sutton, 2021 PhD, now David & Ellen Lee postdoctoral fellow @ Caltech
Dr. Robert Murrells, 2019 PhD (U. of Manchester)
Dr. Jeremy Hewes, 2018 PhD (U. of Manchester), now postdoc @ Cincinnati

Master’s students or Equivalent

Harrison Siegel, 2021 MA/MPhil, now PhD student @ Columbia
Iris Ponce, 2020 Bridge to PhD, now PhD student @ Yale

Undergraduate students

Julia Woodward, Summer 2023, undergraduate @ Amherst
Lucia Rondini, 2021-2022, undergraduate @ Columbia
Aaron Conover, Summer 2021, now PhD student @ Stony Brook
Brian Xiang, Fall 2020
Martin Ristovski, Fall 2020
Ashley Koo, 2018-2019, now Associate Product Manager @ American Express
Keng Lin, 2017-2019, now PhD student @ Rutgers
Yang Xu, 2017-2019, now PhD student @ Rochester
Yugang Zhou, 2016-2018, now PhD student @ Berkeley

Nevis REU students

Josiah Dubovi, Summer 2023, undergraduate @ Penn. Western U.
Sarah Vickers, Summer 2023, undergraduate @ UNC
Julia Woodward, Summer 2022, undergraduate @ Amherst
Mihir Shetty, Summer 2022, now undergraduate @ Columbia
Maya Moore, Summer 2021, now PhD student @ Yale
Honor Hare, Summer 2019, now PhD student @ Rochester
Claire Hinrichs, Summer 2019, now PhD student @ Dartmouth
Aileen Zhai, Summer 2018, now PhD student @ NASA JPL
Clara Berger, Summer 2018, now Economic Analyst @ Eastern Research Group, Inc.
Maggie Beherel-Amass, Summer 2018, now PhD student @ NYU